Homemade Taco Seasoning

Homemade Taco Seasoning

  We love tacos. A lot. In our house we not only have traditional Taco Tuesday. We have added Mexican… Continue reading »

Blackberry Vodka Martini

Blackberry Nor’Wester Featuring OCEAN Organic Vodka

Living in the Northwest you have an abundance of various types of berries to choose from. One in particular, the… Continue reading »

Ginger Banana Green Tea Smoohtie

Ginger Banana Green Tea Smoothie

Ginger Banana Green Tea Smoothie Here it is. My all-time favorite green smoothie. Everyone is busy these days. You have… Continue reading »

Holiday Hotty Toddy

Holiday Hotty Toddy

During the holidays we like to indulge in a little home-made magic elixir called Hotty Toddy. Yes, this drink has… Continue reading »

Grass-Fed Beef Review Challenge

Grass-Fed Beef Challenge Reivew

Last month, my husband and I attended Foodportunity in Seattle, where we met the folks from Marx Foods. They had… Continue reading »