Blackberry Nor’Wester Featuring OCEAN Organic Vodka

Blackberry Vodka Martini

Living in the Northwest you have an abundance of various types of berries to choose from. One in particular, the blackberry, is very versatile and can be used for jam, pies, and deserts and has a very distinct robust flavor that screams summer time.

Blackberries are so prolific in the northwest that some consider them noxious weeds. You can find varieties such as Pacific, Himalayan, Santiam, Chehalem, Marion, Kotata and Evergreen thornless, all good in there own right. For this post we zero in on the Himalayan blackberry, dark rich color, sun-sweet, large in size and packed with Northwest flavor. So I thought why not make a Blackberry Martini?

Blackberry Vodka Martini

Another ingredient in this drink is the juice of the mulberry. Mulberries when fully ripe are dark purple or black and have a sweet taste to them. This seems to meld with the blackberry as the blackberry has a bit of sweet mixed with tart flavoring. There are a wide variety of mulberries but for this concoction I purchased a bottle of Mulberry juice.

OCEAN Organic Vodka is the magic elixir for this drink, if you are not familiar with it then by all means please do so by trying some. OCEAN Organic Vodka is made in Maui, Hawaii. It is distilled from sugarcane and has a very mellow hint of sweetness taste to it, not over powering. As I like to describe it as not “grandstanding” in mixed drinks. There will be no doubt there is a little something special in your drink however, it allows the layers of flavors to shine through without that alcohol twang or kick you sometimes get with other brands. Another fascinating thing about OCEAN Organic Vodka is one of its ingredients is deep ocean water. This water is found at depths of up to 3000 feet off the coast of Hawaii. This water has a mineral content to it that adds a very unique taste to the vodka. It is certainly one of a kind and you can’t go wrong with it. Also, it’s gluten free!

Blackberry Vodka Martini

As a finishing touch in order to add a bit of complexity to the drink you add a bruised basil leaf. And take the time to rub a leaf of basil around the rim of the glass. This combination is kind of interesting as the berries meld with the earthy smell of the basil. You can almost imagine being out in the woods of the Northwest eating berries. It makes for an interesting flavor transaction. To top it off add a squeeze of lime to contrast with the sweet flavors and Shazam, you’re in business.

Ok, enough talk lets make one of these things!

Blackberry Nor'Wester

Total Time: 10 minutes

Number of servings: 1

Per Serving 118 calories

Fat 1 g

Carbs 14 g

Protein 2 g



  • 1 ounce fresh blackberry puree, ( takes about 6 ounces of berries).
  • 1/2 ounce mulberry juice.
  • 1 ounce OCEAN Organic Vodka.
  • 2 basil leafs.
  • Twist of lime.


Rub one of the basil leaves around the rim of a martini glass.

Puree 6 ounces of blackberries and strain through a cheese cloth to remove seeds.

In a drink shaker, add some crushed ice, blackberry puree, mulberry juice, and OCEAN Organic Vodka.

Shake for a for a few seconds to chill the drink and pour through a strainer into the martini glass.

Slightly bruise the basil leaf and float it on the top of your beverage. Garnish with additional berries and basil if desired.



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