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Chef'n iFBC 2015

Where do kitchen tools come from?

Have you ever been working in your kitchen and wished you had a particular tool to do a job easier and quicker so you can get on with life? Enter David Holcomb and Chef’n.

Who is David Holcomb the man?

David is the founder of Chef’n, a tall, slender gentleman with a great sense of humor and a mellow David Holcomb Chef'ndemeanor who is enthusiastic about showing you just what his products can do. As he demonstrates the tools Chef’n has perfected over the years he sprinkles in humorous stories about his humble beginnings.

The Chef’n story begins as a tragicomedy of sorts with David waking up on a beach in Hawaii. Broke and down on his luck but with an idea and dream in his head. Striking out for his piece of the American Dream. Borrowing 500 bucks from an acquaintance he purchased some presentable clothes and a plane ticket back East with a fragile mockup of his first kitchen invention, the corkscrew Garlic Mincer, to make a presentation that would change his life. Leaving that presentation in lucky shock he comes away with an order in hand for 10,000 Garlic Mincers!

What’s in a name?

By now you may be wondering where the name Chef’n came from, to hear David tell it is quite comical, it was time to sign incorporation papers and David’s lawyer calls one morning saying “David, you need to come down and sign the paperwork right away, by the way you need to name your company!” David hangs up the phone and heads for the shower a vinyl record drops and plays Truck’in by The Grateful Dead. As David listened, “Truck’in” was soon replaced by “Chef’n”. As he hummed along Chef’n was born. Once you have met David and know the back story it could be his theme song.

Without a doubt you have most likely ran across Chef’n kitchen tools before at your favorite kitchen supply store, the Garlic zoom, Stem gem, Loose leaf stripper and many other items.  With over 250 patents David and his dedicated and energetic team quietly work away in their Seattle location overlooking Safeco Field. The research lab located on the ground floor resembles a 2 car garage with all sorts of projects in various stages of development. Saws, milling machines, and a 3D printer are some of the tools the development engineers employ as they create concepts that turn in to crude mock-ups. After that, refinement takes place and a finished product emerges.

One interesting theme I noticed with team Chef’n was their interest in customer satisfaction and a commitment to quality from the development lab to the marketing team. Chef’n is a Seattle original that exudes the Northwest spirit of intrepid tenacity. From that faithful day David woke up on the beach and embarked on his remarkable journey, the company that David Holcomb has built has been named by Seattle Business in the “Top 100 Best Companies To Work For” numerous times.

So lets look at some of these tools already!

Chef'n Garlic Zoom IFBC 2015

Garlic Zoom – This little creation is an awesome tool that quickly minces peeled garlic cloves far faster than you could do it with a knife. Pop the hatch open, drop in a couple cloves, roll back and forth a few times, and zoom you are done. I have used the Zoom for other things such as mincing up Strawberries, Fennel and Basil. Clean up is a whiz just pop it open and rinse; it is very user friendly.


Chef'n Stem Gem IFBC 2015

Stem Gem – I know what you are thinking, really a berry stem puller Bill? I know, that’s what I used to think too until I tried it, long gone are whacking the tops off of strawberries or using a knife to core out a stem. Just push the button and let the claw do the work. One nice thing about this tool is it leaves you with a “clean” core so if you are serving whole berries they look uniform and clean .

Chef'n Looseleaf Stripper IFBC 2015

Looseleaf – Kale and greens stripper – Once again a useful tool for tedious and mundane tasks. I enjoy cooking but there are some tasks I want to hurry up and get on with already. This unassuming tool makes quick work of separating leaf from stem, just insert the stem in the appropriate sized opening and pull through. Nothing to it.

Does Chef’n have a tool for me?

Yes! The above tools are only a fraction of useful and helpful tools Chef’n has created. You can see they are designed to save you time in the kitchen with great results. In fact, my two kitchen assistants ages 5 and 10, love the products. It is a fun way for my sons to be involved in the cooking process, of course I like to use the Chef’n tools, too. You can see all the wonderful kitchen tools Chef’n offers by clicking here.

Keep on Chef’n,

Contributor – Wholly Delicious Dishes

*Wholly Delicious Dishes is not affiliated with Chef’n nor was this a paid endorsement, we just really like the Chef’n story and tools! We did receive the products shown in this post.

IFBC 2015

IFBC 2015 Chef’n Tour

We at Wholly Delicious Dishes, had the opportunity to visit the Chef’n headquarters in Seattle, WA at IFBC 2015. We had a great time learning about the different tools they have to offer and meeting the founder himself, David Holcomb.  IFBC 2016 is just around the corner so sign up now!


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