OCEAN Organic Vodka – Ride The Wave!


A Trip To Paradise.

What comes to mind when I mention Maui, Hawaii? Tropical paradise, sandy beaches, hula dancing, palm trees, vodka……..wait, did you say vodka!?…….why yes, yes I did, in fact a one of a kind vodka that is taking more market share quietly and steadily each year, soon to be more like a tidal wave……enter OCEAN Organic Vodka made in Maui.

What’s Your Story?

The OCEAN Organic Vodka story is quite interesting. Recently, by chance I was introduced to OCEAN by a family member, (Thanks Trina!), who enjoys the finer things in life. I tried it and being involved in blogging on food and drink it was one of those moments in the food and beverage arena where you try it and instantly you know they are on to something, and indeed they are!

OCEAN Organic Vodka is produced at the Hawaii Sea Spirit Organic Farm and Distillery (also known as OCEAN Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery)…….wait did you say organic? Yes, it just keeps getting better doesn’t it..…read on…….With hard work and dedication over three generations the Smith family , with a drive to be eco-conscious and a goal to be sustainable lead to OCEAN Organic Vodka becoming reality in 2005.

Around nine years later OCEAN Organic Vodka can be found in 36 of these United States as well as the District of Columbia and a couple Canadian Provinces. They are also making inroads in South America and Asia. If that isn’t enough, OCEAN Organic Vodka has been the exclusive vodka on Hawaiian Airlines since 2007.

What Makes This Vodka So Special?

One of the qualities that makes OCEAN Organic Vodka so different and special is that it contains deep ocean water. This is water unlike what we experience say when you go out in a boat or to the beach. This water is found at great depths in the oceans. Water in the ocean at this depth is quite different in its makeup. It is well documented that this water is pure, stable and an infinite resource with a high content of essential minerals. The origins of life now and always will be linked to the nutrient fertility of the oceans. For millennia the cycle starts with the Spring and Summer ice melt, the water collecting minerals and trace elements during its journey to the ocean.

When the ice melt water reaches the ocean it is heavier due to the mineral content, this “fresh water” sinks to the ocean floor and begins a tremendous 2000 year journey around the world. Starting in Greenland it flows southward deep in the Atlantic Ocean where it eventually flows around the African Cape, slowly moving toward the Indian Ocean and into the Pacific Ocean. It then flows in toward Taiwan, Okinawa and then you guessed it, the Hawaiian Islands. Onward to its journey toward Antarctica where the journey ends in the changing sea water temperatures from the Summer sun forcing deep ocean water to the surface to ultimately feed the largest micro and macro food chain on the planet.

This deep ocean water conveyor belt of sorts travels at depths of 250 meters (820 ft) to 1500 meters (4921 ft) as it circumnavigates the earth. This conveyor is typically free of sunlight and life forms and is characterized by its mineral density, trace elements and cleanliness.

Give Me Some Sugar.

Another element to the quality of this product is the sugarcane. This vodka is made from organic sugarcane that is grown in rich volcanic soils without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and OCEAN Organic Vodka is gluten free.

The mature sugarcane is harvested by hand. By following this method of crop management and crop harvesting one can imagine that only the best mature cane is harvested in order to maintain sustainability and quality of the product.

OCEAN Organic Vodka

As for the distillery itself, OCEAN Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery, situated on 80 acres of Mount Haleakala, incorporates solar power in their operation. In addition OCEAN Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery produces its bottles from recycled glass, not only for the sake of recycling but also because the glass melts at a lower temperature than new glass which conserves energy. You have to give credit to a company like this that considers how they can incorporate sustainability into their business model and lead as an example and prove to the world you can make a world class product and be environmentally responsible.

It’s All About The Taste.

The interesting thing about OCEAN Organic Vodka as a product is it is simple yet complex, the slightly sweet and mellow taste is great neat or on the rocks but especially in mixed drinks because it does not grandstand or overpower a drink but rather enhances and showcases the other flavors you choose to add which makes for a great foundation to build from. Your guests will love it!

I can only imagine what it must be like for Shay Smith, Founder and President of OCEAN to rock back in his chair and look out over his farm and distillery at sunset surrounded by paradise and think about all of the hard work it took to get where they are now and where the currents will take them next.

May your sails be full and the wind at your back, you can’t go wrong with OCEAN Organic Vodka – Toast the Journey!

Aloha and cheers!

Contributor – Wholly Delicious Dishes

For more information on Ocean Vodka Distillery please visit oceanvodka.com.
For a Wholly Delicious Dishes sample drink recipe featuring OCEAN Organic Vodka see Blackberry Nor’Wester.
Farm photo courtesy of OCEAN Organic Vodka.
For more information on deep ocean water you can find interesting information at pdobiotech.com.

OCEAN Organic Vodka - Ride The Wave!
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OCEAN Organic Vodka - Ride The Wave!
History and process of making OCEAN Organic Vodka. A smooth and mellow organic vodka perfect on the rocks and in mixed drinks.

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